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  • How do I see the weekly discount when I book?

First, look at your "check-in" and "check-out" dates on the booking engine.  If you've entered dates previously, you must clear those out before putting new ones in. Then, you must choose 7 nights (example: Arrive Friday, Depart Friday of the following week)

  • How do I see the monthly discount?

Not all spaces offer monthly discounts. To see the spaces that do, enter the same date in 2 different months (example: October 1-November 1)

  • How do I book several weeks or several months at a time?

Our system allows you to book up to 6 months at a time.  You will need to enter a starting date and ending date that ensures that full weeks or full months are being booked (see examples above)

  • What is the Wi-Fi network name & password?

The Wi-Fi Network is: The Silos RV Park

The Wi-Fi Password: Can be found on your confirmation email from the date you booked, on your emailed invoice if you booked multiple days, by asking  the Park Host or  by leaving  the name reservation is under & a phone number and we'll text it to you during your stay

  • Where is the nearest place to get my RV serviced or buy RV parts?

Century RV  in Amarillo, Texas is 15 minutes away, click here to go to their website

  • Where can I get propane bottles refilled?

Love's Travel Center-8615 Canyon Dr, Amarillo

Boyd's Equipment- 7154 Canyon Dr, Amarillo